• A unique service:
    The unique service-bundle of photography workshops and a comprehensive travel guide to Calcutta is an unprecedented concept in the city. The beauty of Calcutta is fluid and enigmatic – one that baffles many new-comers to the city. For the first time, an effort has been made to streamline the experience of travelers in Calcutta – and it is we who are making it possible!

  • The best value for your money:
    We assure you this will one of your best decisions while visiting Calcutta. And the proof of this will be the pride with which you can show the pictures you shot here when you are back. Our prices are reasonable, competitive, and intended to fuel your travel instincts and not subsume them!

  • Timely and Organized:
    We understand your time constraints and we intend to make it a stay that optimizes the benefits within your time limits. Apart from our strict sense of punctuality and timeliness, we have also developed schedules in such a way that utilize the days available in the best possible way, while keeping room for your own reflections and resting hours.

  • Expertise:
    The photography instructors and travel guides – the ones who are going to add value to your Calcutta visit – are experts in photography and have stayed in this city for long enough to have a deeper view of the place and people. They are the ones who can brew this city to life before you with their personal experiences of the city and also the best photography techniques in general.

  • Interest-specific:
    We understand and appreciate that not all of you have the same interests. While the architecture of Calcutta may bemuse one of you, it may be the landscapes and the flowing Ganges that steals the heart of another among you. If you would like to opt for a more an interest-specific experience, we shall be more than happy to fine-tune our offering to your requirements!


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