Rabindranath Tagore had something really interesting to say about Calcutta, he said: “Something undreamt of was lurking everywhere, and every day the uppermost question was: where, oh where would I come across it?” Calcutta is a magical city, and to really understand the magic one has to live in it. Of course the people passing through it sense something about it, but to really understand what it is, you have to be local. Only then can you see beyond the dirt, dust and decay. There is a chaos, yes there is, but then when you really slow down and start “living” the city, pause to feel its pulse you realise there is more to it. The history, architecture, people, heritage even the climate do make up a city, but there is something deeper than all this that really makes Calcutta different from anything elsewhere.

So come experience this enigma called Calcutta. There is something for everyone, whether photography is your passion or if you dig heritage and history.

Circle of Life

If you want to brush up the basics of photography and your camera and put them to “live” use this is the tour you want to do…

European Calcutta

Perfect introduction to the city of Calcutta, it helps you ease into the city! It is a must do if you are visiting Calcutta for the first time.

Culture Kaleidoscope

Come up-close and personal with “life” in the city, experience the existence of various communities and cultures in this multilayered city.

Mesmerizing Markets

If you really want to get into the thick of things and see and photograph markets like you have never seen before, sign up for this one.

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