While our regular tours are for everyone – photographers and non-photographers alike - these special tours are sure to catch the fancy of photographers!

These tours give the photographer in you, ample time and opportunities to get the best frames of your life. Though some of these tours work best at particular times of the day or year but we promise you, once you take one of these as recommended, you will not come back from any of these without photographs to brag about back home.

The Goddess Beckons

The biggest festivals of Bengal start from Sept/Oct and last till Jan/Feb, and this is the best time to visit the artisans’ colony of Kumartuli.
See the Gods and Goddess being created right in front of you while you get to know the culture and the people behind those magnificent idols better.
The textures, sights and emotions of this place will make you fall in love with it.

Hooghly's Flower Fest

One of the biggest wholesale and retail flower market, this chaotic but very photogenic place by the river is a must do when you are in Calcutta.
Flower sellers dealing in various varieties of flowers set shop very early in the morning and the hectic activity - the very ambience of the place - is just perfect for your camera’s day out.
Come conquer the chaos!


Festive Framing

India is a land of festivals and Calcutta specially, because of its varied cultural influences has various festivals going on around the year.
These give a perfect opportunity to capture the very essence of the respective events. The hows and whys, the sights and sounds all add to a truly unique experience.
Durga puja, Diwali, Holi, Muharam, Eid, Christmas, Chinese New Years and lots more!

We would be adding more special tours to the list here. However, if something particular catches your fancy and you would want to explore the options do mail us at info@calcuttaphototours.com or use the contact us page to get in touch with us to help you customize your tour. We are always keen for new things!

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