While our main objective is creating a memorable experience for our customers - travelers and photographers - we are here to care for anyone who could be affected by the activities of our company. Calcutta Photo Tours found its being from the very essence which is Calcutta and will always be connected to the city. The company believes in corporate social responsibility, which is a business approach which can be defined as "a commitment to improve community wellbeing through discretionary business practices and contributions of corporate resource". Socially responsible businesses are concerned not merely with the profits it can make but also values all its stakeholders, i.e. every person, group or organization that affects the business or are affected by it: the customer, the local resident, another business owner, partner even if it is competing with it.

As a socially responsible business which operates in two sub-sectors namely tourism and photography – we are aimed:

  • To promote an understanding between people from different cultures and to bridge cultural, linguistic and geographical distances.

  • To use our photography skills, whatever they are, to promote the local community by exposing our life to the visitors and encouraging them to develop empathy and commitment.

  • To never exploit anybody's poverty or distress just for a good frame.

  • To avoid shooting people who do not want to be documented, or shooting them in a way they wouldn't like to be documented.

  • To show the most human, special and beautiful sides of our city via our lens and the lenses of our fellow travelers.

  • To bring alive the heritage, history and culture of this amazing city and to introduce traveler to the traditions and subtle nuances that make up this enigmatic city – Calcutta.

We believe that we were fortunate and privileged to have this right to introduce you to our city and communal life. This right comes along with a duty to make the life in this city better. We are thankful to you for giving us this opportunity to do it together. Thank you for dreaming this dream with us!

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